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Mar 03

Living it up at 51 James Way

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Our New Year started out with a bang. We were able to visit the Grammy Museum during the Grammy’s in January. We enjoyed all of the displays and learned about the musicians that were nominated. We loved performing on the stage pretending to be a popular band. Some of us played instruments while others sang. The Lulu Washington show at the Count Basie Theater was amazing and filled with dance and music. We can surely say our month was lively and energetic. In February we danced at our Valentine’s Day party to sounds booming out of our new Bose system, and at the Garden State Art Studio we painted hearts on canvas. Love was in the air. At the end of the month we held our annual art show and covered our walls with our beautiful creations. It was fun greeting visitors, showing them around and letting them purchase our artwork. We saw Jurassic World Live at the Prudential Center and could not believe how gigantic the dinosaurs on stage were. March is shaping up to be just as exciting. Our plans include a live show “Flip Fabrique”, a local aquarium and working out at the Critical Mass Gym. Stay tuned for all of the exciting things happening here at 51 James Way. You’ll wonder why you haven’t joined us yet.

Aug 14

Save The Date-PrimeTime Eatontown Open House

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We are extremely excited to have our Open House Thursday September 26th from 5pm to 8pm for the families of our current participants as well as potential participants in the future. We would love for you to see our new location, and have an opportunity to hear about all the amazing things PrimeTime Center offers everyday. Download the flyer here.

Aug 03

Enjoying our Summer-Eatontown PTC

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It was tough staying cool during the heat wave, yet we still enjoyed fishing and crabbing as well as boat rides on the Manasquan River. For our land lovers, feeding horses and having lunch with Team Margotta at Monmouth Park was a highlight. There is a stir of excitement as we look forward to attending the Giants training camp this month. Wish you could all join us.

May 01

PrimeTime Center Times at Eatontown for the start of 2019!

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Winter Spring Events at Eatontown in 2019!

Mittens, gloves, scarves, and snow in the streets, these are a few of our favorite things. We brought in the New Year going to breakfast, bowling, the movies; as well as some other amazing outings! Some of our favorites were Yestercades in Westfield, where we got the opportunity to play our favorite games together. We also went to the planetarium where we saw a beautiful light show.

Dec 11

Autumn 2018 at PrimeTime Eatontown

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It is hard to believe that Autumn is here. Summer was gone in a blink of an eye yet filled with so many wonderful experiences that it is hard to choose which ones to mention. We enjoyed being outdoors and visited some amazing places. We saw gigantic dinosaurs at the Dino Park, climbed the Sandy Hook Lighthouse for a beautiful view and saw the 9/11 Memorial in NYC. Riding the Staten Island Ferry was amazing. Read more here…

Aug 14

PrimeTime Center Eatontown Summer 2018

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PrimeCenter of Eatontown, NJ enjoyed a variety of trips over the summer such as visiting the Historic Allaire Village in Wall Township New Jersey in addition to Farmer’s Day activity at Holmdel Park, the Liberty Hall Museum and explored the mansion rooms that welcomed guests such as George Washington, Ulysses S Grant and even George H. Bush. At the Grammy Museum, we explored the Grammy Award History. Our adventures continued at the Thomas Edison Museum and Count Basie in Red Bank, New Jersey. To read more, download the Eatontown Summer News here.

Mar 16

Winter Wonder of Fun – Eatontown

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We breezed right through our annual art show and Thanksgiving feast right into December. From shopping for holiday gifts and armed with our lists in hand we visited every mall, store and flea market we could find. In the midst of the shopping craze, the Company of Dance Arts invited us to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Count Basie Theater. Our Eatontown group also volunteered at a local food pantry stocking shelves and filling bags with items to make complete meals and volunteered at Holiday Express filling gift bags for their events. To read more, download our Winter Newsletter here.