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Aug 14

PrimeTime Center Eatontown Summer 2018

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PrimeCenter of Eatontown, NJ enjoyed a variety of trips over the summer such as visiting the Historic Allaire Village in Wall Township New Jersey in addition to Farmer’s Day activity at Holmdel Park, the Liberty Hall Museum and explored the mansion rooms that welcomed guests such as George Washington, Ulysses S Grant and even George H. Bush. At the Grammy Museum, we explored the Grammy Award History. Our adventures continued at the Thomas Edison Museum and Count Basie in Red Bank, New Jersey. To read more, download the Eatontown Summer News here.

Mar 16

Winter Wonder of Fun – Eatontown

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We breezed right through our annual art show and Thanksgiving feast right into December. From shopping for holiday gifts and armed with our lists in hand we visited every mall, store and flea market we could find. In the midst of the shopping craze, the Company of Dance Arts invited us to see the Nutcracker Ballet at the Count Basie Theater. Our Eatontown group also volunteered at a local food pantry stocking shelves and filling bags with items to make complete meals and volunteered at Holiday Express filling gift bags for their events. To read more, download our Winter Newsletter here.