Eatontown – PrimeTime

Welcome to PrimeTime Center – Eatontown

At PrimeTime Center Eatontown, we are proud of our participants, their parents and our staff. That is because we work together to create an environment that fosters independence, acceptance, encouragement and support. Each day at PrimeTime is a celebration of life. We celebrate birthdays and holidays. We celebrate ALL accomplishments big and small. We celebrate what makes each of us unique and we live life to the fullest.

Here on our Eatontown campus we never miss an opportunity to celebrate, learn, and grow. This is how we do it:

  • With opportunities to improve and develop ADL and life skills. This includes opportunities to meal plan, shop, and prepare weekly lunches.
  • With lessons and challenges to continually improve social skills.
    By providing a safe learning environment to develop “real world” skills to prepare for many situations. That includes kitchen safety, fire safety, pedestrian safety and more.
  • With community trips to destinations for strengthening skills and confidence in exercising independence and money handling.
  • With trips to destinations for personal growth and exposure to new people, places and experiences. Trips to museums, art galleries, and the theater which provide the participants with valuable learning experiences and cultural enrichment are among the participant’s favorites. 
  • With opportunities to learn new skills. The participants get great satisfaction in PrimeTime’s Community Garden at Sickle’s where they nurture, beautify, maintain and harvest flowers and plants.
  • By giving back to the local community with volunteer opportunities. The participants get a sense of fulfillment and pride through their work collecting food for the Backpack Crew, fundraising for local organizations such as The Village Foster Family Closet, and participating in park clean ups with the Monmouth County Park System. 
  • By encouraging participants to advocate for themselves and to express themselves to make their feelings known.
  • With recreational opportunities for personal enrichment including art, music, writing, and science and technology activities in our stem lab.
    With parties and decorations planned and put together with the participants.
  • By hiring quality people who really get to know and appreciate each person as an individual.