Eatontown – PrimeTime

Welcome to PrimeTime Center – Eatontown

Welcome to PrimeTime Center Eatontown Campus, the happiest place on earth. As you step through our doors you can feel the love we have for one another; you may even get a warm embrace.  As you engage with our participants you soon realize how much they enjoy their program, feel accepted, and are totally comfortable being themselves.

Each day on campus you will find PTC participants developing their life skills through a variety of activities offered in our morning classes. You’ll find them learning about budgets, creating shopping lists, time management, meal preparation and other appropriate skills that will help them further their independence. Participants also practice effective communication regularly and are encouraged to advocate for themselves and always make their own choices.

Participants also enjoy numerous recreational opportunities while here at PTC. Many afternoons you may find PTC participants singing Karaoke, playing games such as Jeopardy, or discussing their favorite books during Book Club. Our Art classes include making our own beads to craft jewelry and keychains that can be sold at the Bell Works Farmers Market, a new relationship we’ve developed with a community business. PTC participants continually create new art projects throughout the year for display in our Annual Art Show held every Fall. Families and Friends are invited that day for food, fun and to see the wonderful art created by our participants.

Our Volunteer opportunities help participants become more independent as they learn important skills necessary for employment. PTC participants organize and price donations at Madonna House, unload food trucks and stock shelves at the local Food Pantry, and clear trails of debris for the Monmouth County Park Systems. This past Fall we collected donations for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as well as for families in need through Madonna House. We also volunteered at Holiday Express preparing goodie bags for their annual holiday shows

Participants take their health very seriously here at PrimeTime Center and select daily activities such as Yoga, Walking Club, and Dancercise. Walks to the Arboretum for exercise and fresh air give participants the opportunity to practice their community safety awareness skills.

Every Spring we have great fun planting our Community Garden in Little Silver. We till the soil, plant seeds, then regularly water and weed. Our bountiful harvest is used during weekly meal preparation activities. PTC participants also inspect, weigh and sort vegetables for Purple Dragon, an organic Food Co-op.

In addition to all of our wonderful in-house activities, participants live their lives to the fullest out in the community as well. We visit many museums and art galleries. Trips to NYC to the World Trade Memorial and a Ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty were two of our favorite experiences. Seeing sheep being sheared, making our own ice cream, hiking numerous trails, and taking a backlot tour at Monmouth Park prior to seeing the races were fun. Bocce, bowling, swimming, train rides and eating at local restaurants are only a few of the activities that engage participants out in the community while they practice all of the skills they have learned in our program.