Resources – Parent Support Special Needs

Our Parent Liaison for all PrimeTime Center Clients and their Families & Caregivers

Blanche Stetler
the Parent Liaison for PrimeTime Centers

Blanche begins working with PTC families from the time their young adult commences the transition to life after 21. In preparation for adult services, Blanche will guide families in the process of accessing Social SecurityGuardianshipSpecial Needs Trusts, and DDD services. She is also very familiar with the NJCAT and its importance in accessing a budget to pay for programming and supports so she is available to answer questions and assist parents as they complete the assessment tool.

There are many services available to people with disabilities and their families and some are available prior to the age of 21. Blanche helps identify those services and provides the tools needed to apply for them. Then, from the moment a participant or Support Coordinator expresses interest in Primetime Center, Blanche will guide them through the process of becoming a member of the Primetime Center family. From setting up the initial tour through arranging a tryout and ultimately working with each Support Coordinator to develop a service plan that will work best for the individual.

The role of the Parent Liaison does not end there. Blanche is always available to families as new challenges and concerns arise. Things change constantly within the state and keeping families updated on those changes is critical.

A little more about Blanche

Blanche is the parent of a young man with disabilities. Her background includes working at The College of New Jersey for the Deaf-Blind project as a Parent Coordinator for children under 21 and their families. In that role she was able to advocate for families from New Jersey both at the local level through the Governor’s office as well as in Washington, visiting and lobbying our legislators on a Federal level. She has sat on the Governor’s Special Education Advisory board for eight years. Her focus on that committee was the transition into adult services for students finishing school. Please view the short video below to better understand more about what Blanche can offer our parents and caregivers for our PrimeTime Clients over time.

Navigating the adult services world has been a priority for her as her son continues to access these services. During that process, she has gained valuable information that she enjoys sharing with other families in the hopes of making the process less frightening and maybe even a little easier. Knowing that State policies and procedures are constantly changing, she tries to keep up with the latest updates and pass along that knowledge to Primetime families. She is always accessible by phone and by email.