Day Habilitation Program Services (DDD/Medicaid approved )

A Proven Approach at PrimeTime Centers

DDD/Medicaid approved day habilitation program services at all PrimeTime Centers include:

learning skills for independent living

Skills for Independent Living

Our skills for independent living program is designed to help PTC participants navigate daily tasks and hurdles in order to live an independent life. Hands-on lessons are provided on topics such as meal preparation/nutrition, home management and safety, budgeting, community access, clothing care and personal grooming.

learning functional math for special need clients over 21

Functional Language Arts & Math Instruction

Functional Skills provide PTC participants with essential knowledge, skills, and understanding that will enable them to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work. At PTC we emphasize functional math and language arts. Math concepts include counting, menu math, telling time, following a calendar & schedule and using a calculator. Language Arts activities consist of reading a menu, telephone skills, identifying community signs, understanding sections of a newspaper and reading transportation schedules.

PrimeTime Center participants in community engaged instruction

Community Based Instruction

Community-Based Instruction is a critical component of the PrimeTime Center program primarily because, as adults, the community is where they will independently need to use the skills acquired in our classroom environments. Trips to community locations occur concurrently with classroom instruction. Although participants may initially learn and practice a skill in the classroom, they will eventually practice the skill by applying it in a home or community setting. For example, a student who learns math skills in the classroom may later practice those skills during a shopping expedition or a trip to a restaurant. The main goal of Community Based Instruction is to teach PTC participants to function as independently as possible in as many community environments as possible to enhance their quality of life.

social skills

Social Skills Training

At PrimeTime Center we think of social skills in basic terms as the abilities necessary to get along with others and to create and maintain satisfying relationships. The process of learning these abilities is called socialization. Socialization is infused into almost everything we do at all PTC locations. In addition, specific social skills topics are covered in daily lessons which include, making eye contact, good manners, active listening, interpersonal skills and social problem-solving.

Physical Fitness

PrimeTime Center believes that physical activity and exercise should be a part of everyone’s routine. This includes local and in-house dance and exercise classes, organized sports such as basketball and soccer, swimming, hiking/nature walks, yoga, and bocce. Some of our PTC participants are members of our Special Olympics Team and compete throughout the state on a regional and state level.

practicing self-advocacy activities for special need clients over 21

Self-Advocacy Training

At PrimeTime Center Self-Advocacy Training is designed to prepare our participants to better communicate their strengths, abilities, interests, and needs. PTC participants learn how to represent themselves and make decisions that affect their lives. Everyone, whether or not they have a disability, must learn through experiences to explore, take risks, learn from consequences, become self-motivated and develop positive self-esteem. At PrimeTime Center all of our participants benefit from having these opportunities.

volunteering activities for special need clients over 21


Volunteering allows PrimeTime Center participants the unique opportunity to give their time and talent to the community while learning more about the world in which they live. It offers vital help to people in need and worthwhile causes, but the benefits are even greater for the volunteer. Volunteering can help provide a sense of purpose, increase socialization, cultivate new interests/abilities and assist in employment readiness. All PrimeTime Center locations promote volunteer opportunities in their surrounding communities.

Communication Skill Building

At PrimeTime Center we feel Communication skills are the key to developing and maintaining relationships. They enable an individual to build a strong social support network. Areas of communication we emphasize at our locations include conversation skills, assertiveness, listening skills and non-verbal language. These skills help our participants to take care of their own needs while being respectful of the needs of others.

Recreational Opportunities

PrimeTime Center provides a wide range of recreational and leisure time opportunities utilizing outside resources including the local YMCA, bowling alleys, theaters, parks, sports & fitness venues. Recent opportunities include painting at Pinot’s Palette, catching a Somerset Patriots ballgame and an interactive visit to the Howling Woods Farm Wolf Preserve.