Carteret – PrimeTime

Welcome to PrimeTime Center – Carteret

At PrimeTime Center, Carteret Campus, we pride ourselves in offering a warm, structured, and welcoming environment. The moment you step foot onto our campus you are greeted by everyone you see. Our group loves visitors, giving them a chance to put the social skills we cultivate to welcome use.

As you walk through our program, you will find each room is occupied by small groups working on different functional activities to promote independence. We focus on developing social and daily living skills by offering activities that simulate real-life situations such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, self-advocacy, and problem-solving. PTC participants develop these skills in the program to later apply them in a variety of environments offered as part of our community-based instruction.

PTC participants enjoy learning out in the community daily. You might run into our participants at places like the Carteret Park/ Waterfront, Carteret Public Library, Woodbridge Mall, or at a local restaurant/ store.

PTC Participants also enjoy numerous recreational opportunities while here at PTC and out in the community. Every month they look forward to their favorite outings which include gaming at Yestrcades and River City Gaming, going out to eat at places like No Limits Café and Applebees, and building our endurance through local hikes, physical fitness classes, and bowling. While in house, many afternoons you may find PTC participants singing Karaoke, playing games such as Jeopardy and Uno, or creating inspired art projects for display throughout our program.

Our goal is to provide the necessary skills to access the community with independence. With each trip, PTC participants become less anxious and more confident. Participants also learn to self-advocate for themselves with the encouragement and guidance of our caring staff.

Special Olympics continue to be a popular activity for PTC participants in Carteret. We currently participate in three sports: BocceBowling, and Soccer. PTC participants compete against other teams in regional and state games throughout the year with the hopes of winning the gold. Summer Games participation is a three-day competition which includes two overnights on the College of New Jersey Campus. Special Olympics sports provide people with special needs the opportunity to have social contact, develop physically, and to gain self-confidence.