My son Christopher has attended Prime Time Center in Carteret for 5 years. In that time, he has made many friends and formed bonds with the staff members as well.   To say that the staff are caring, nurturing and wonderful professionals is a pure understatement.  With their guidance I have seen Christopher grow in all aspects including social, academic, and independence.  He has participated and been a member of their Special Olympics Soccer Team teaching him team work, good sportsmanship and leadership qualities.  When not at the Center members are in the community on trips including, but not limited to bowling, hiking, going out to lunch and for ice cream and snacks, movies, baseball games, & community service projects,  helping them to be more comfortable in different environments and social settings.  When not out in community they focus on life skill lessons including preparing lunch on Fridays. All of these to ensure success for the participates not just for the time they are at Prime Time but to carry forward with them in every aspect of their daily adult lives.   No words can say how grateful we are to have them in our lives. 



As a Support Coordinator, it has been my pleasure to work with PrimeTime since 2014. I can offer my unreserved recommendation for PrimeTime’s program, services, and staff. Over the years, I have seen the individuals I support thrive and grow emotionally, socially, and communicatively. Staff encourage self-empowerment and personal growth. It is a program that I can, and do, highly recommend to the families I support.

Hedy Gilbert

Support Coordinator
Experienced Support Coordination

As a support coordination agency, we want to refer individuals and families to the best. Not only is Prime Time aesthetically pleasing but the staff are always kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Whenever I need help with a tricky situation Blanche Stetler is always there to help and give me guidance.  The program encompasses a multitude of classrooms geared towards learning real life independent living skills.  The program also takes participants into the community regularly to exciting places and everyone feels connected to the outside community.  Every one of our individuals that attends Prime Time has a positive experience and looks forward to going each day. The participants are encouraged to socialize with one another and form lifelong friendships and bonds. Each time I walk in I am impressed and overwhelmed with emotion when I see how happy everyone looks and I know this program has changed their life for the better. I can't say enough positive things.

Ellen Cohen

Support Coordination Supervisor
Support Connection

Walking through the doors at Prime Time is always refreshing. It is always nice to see our participants engaged in activities that they choose and spending time with their friends. We love to hear about the places they visit on community outings, parties, new skills they are learning and how much they love being a part of the Prime Time family.

Melissa Wong

Director of Support Coordination/Southern Region
Skylands Family Support

We are so grateful to have the program that Primetime Center offers our son, Nick.  Nick has been attending this program for over 10 years.  It has been a wonderful journey with the staff and clients.  Primetime Center has an amazing staff and have managed to maintain this program with all the difficulties that the past few years have thrown at them.  They work on independence by going out into the community where they implement life skills as part of the curriculum and offer a wide range of activities at the building.  Through it all, the clients are the Staff's number one priority.  Nick has made some amazing friends through this program and some of the friendships have spilled over to his life outside of Primetime. There is no match to the experience, kindness and compassion that is offered at Primetime Center.

Peggy & Dominick Torre


Prime Time Center has been a dream come true. The staff truly cares and works hard to incorporate daily activities that help him achieve independence, applaud his strengths and simply make him the best person he can be. I cannot imagine a better day program for my son!