March 3, 2020

Living it up at 51 James Way

Our New Year started out with a bang. We were able to visit the Grammy Museum during the Grammy’s in January. We enjoyed all of the displays and learned about the musicians that were nominated. We loved performing on the stage pretending to be a popular band. Some of us played instruments while others sang. The Lulu Washington show at the Count Basie Theater was amazing and filled with dance and music. We can surely say our month was lively and energetic. In February we danced at our Valentine’s Day party to sounds booming out of our new Bose system, and at the Garden State Art Studio we painted hearts on canvas. Love was in the air. At the end of the month we held our annual art show and covered our walls with our beautiful creations. It was fun greeting visitors, showing them around and letting them purchase our artwork. We saw Jurassic World Live at the Prudential Center and could not believe how gigantic the dinosaurs on stage were. March is shaping up to be just as exciting. Our plans include a live show “Flip Fabrique”, a local aquarium and working out at the Critical Mass Gym. Stay tuned for all of the exciting things happening here at 51 James Way. You’ll wonder why you haven’t joined us yet.